DIY Washi Storage and Ideas

DIY Washi Storage and Ideas
January 24, 2017 Katie

As I’m looking up ideas for how I’m going to package my aluminum arc discs that should be here by MONDAY…I decided of course to search online. During my search I found these cleaver and cute ways to make up your very own washi storage. Because if you’re anything like me…it would be impossible to only own a handful of rolls…you’ve got to own them by the dozens. I will section this out to DIY of making your own, To creative alternatives and then ones that you can purchase.




This first one I looked at specifically because it’s very close to what I will be wanting for my discs I believe. You can find out how to create this very cute washi box that includes a reused cutting edge from an old foil or cling wrap box. Link Below Image.

DIY Washi Tape Storage Tutorial & Printable Template


Two Words all…CEREAL BOXES. Start keeping them from now on. Because they tend to be the perfect size for washi. From

Keep your Toilet Paper Rolls!



Here’s one recycling your old foil or wax paper boxes. Best part is that it is set up already with a cutting edge. Another one by

Wax Paper Box to Washi Tape Dispenser via homework (1)



Here’s a similar style box but as a slide out. I’m thinking this could be a good possibility for my a set of my arc discs. I’ll have to test some of these out once I receive them and find out. Click on the image for the direct link tutorial.



This one look easy enough with materials you may possibly have on hand. If not looks like these could be found at the closest dollar store. Found here at

Looking for an inexpensive and easy storage solution for all of your washi tape? Definitely check out this option.


This one seems to be a bit more elaborate and shown here not made for washi but I could see easily could be set up to do so. I like ones with the removeable rods such as these for easier access to the rolls that you want.



Here is one that looks fairly simple using an ordinary box….who doesn’t have at least one Amazon box to repurpose? You can find more on this idea at

diy washi tape organizer dispensor from a box, craft rooms, crafts, how to, organizing, repurposing upcycling

This I love the look of for a desk area. Also doesn’t look too complicated to make and also looks to be fairly cheap. This idea is found at



This one is super cute but beyond my wood skill abilities. But for those that wouldn’t feel intimidated by a jigsaw…have at it would seem simple enough beyond cutting the pieces out. This tutorial can be found of

See how Christie at Sparkles of Sunshine, after being inspired by Anthropologie, decided to make her own DIY Washi Tape Dispenser.


This one is adorable! Found at



This is a fun one. I simply love the look of by Triple The Scraps. Click on their image to find out how they made this washi holder.


The idea above came from a post I found that has 27 FuWays to Store Washi by I feel like the rule in thumb for washi follows the amount of ways you can store it…which is that you can never have enough.washi tape storage



These style hangers I’ve seen used for a multitude of storage ideas from scarves to fabric to vinyl rolls so it makes sense they are perfect for washi too! This one can be found at

Store washi tape, ribbon, twine, etc. on pants holders, great idea from

Yes! So simple! Idea found at

washi tape storage ideas




Here’s a washi wheel by As cute as it is…I’m thinking this could get expensive. However, it might be a cute way to highlight you top favorite ones you use often.

Image of Washi Wheel



Organize More has this wall unit. I find it to be a bit pricey but only because I look at this thinking it’s another thing my hubby can make. 😉

Washi Tape Organizer hanging on the wall. Main picture.

Here’s one that is made to be able to pull out easily to view the entire tray. As much as I like this idea…I’m not a huge fan of the plastic look of this. This particular one is found on Ebay.

Now that you have all that storage here is a list that of AWESOME things you can do with WASHI!

Starting here on this link of 78 of them go here…seriously you’ll want to check this one out. Found at

78 Best Washi Tape Ideas Ever

Best Washi Tape Crafts and Decorating Ideas


This is actually a coffee caddy…but looks like so much fun! This idea comes from


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