Why Aluminum Arc Binding Discs?

Why Aluminum Arc Binding Discs?
January 27, 2017 Katie
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I know many of you are already anxiously awaiting my new line of aluminum binding arc discs that will be compatible with any arc binding system, notebook or planner. Now Available Champagne Gold Aluminum Arc Binding Discsgo here to order… To confirm, the first batch of 1″ and .5″ disc sizes have arrived and they are ALMOST ready for sale. Only a few more steps such as labeling and photos and they will be ready for purchase and shipped off to you.

Thank you for being patient for those that have been waiting, I really appreciate it! Believe me when I say I’m just as anxious as you to get these out to you because they are that Lovely!

Upgrading my happy planner mini. ???

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Now, there maybe some of you asking why these discs are so special over other brands or plastic versions? Well if the simple GORGEOUSNESS of them isn’t enough to sway you to go Metal and Champagne Gold (Rose Gold) how about the Durability of these? They will NEVER CRACK being made of a 100% aluminum makes them super strong yet light-weight. As with some of my own Happy Planner discs, there can be an issue of cracking, especially if you’ve managed to drop your planner once or twice like I have. Being that these are metal, they naturally have a genuine metallic luster that gives such an appeal that make you want to turn your head twice to look at. They are simply sophisticated and elegant in their appearance.


Now you may ask why Plan To Love This Life’s Aluminum Arc Binding Discs by Katie Moore Designs?


1. They are competitively priced. You will have the option to buy per disc starting at $2 per disc for the 1/2″ size or same more as bundling sets for those that maybe wanting both sizes.

2. I have sizes that are nearly impossible to find anywhere else as metal disc options. Currently the .5″ and 1″ available but eventually 3/4″, 1.25″ and 1.5″.

3. Currently, we carry the Champagne gold color that comes across as a light rose gold and is unique to Katie Moore Designs only. However, there will be new colors to come that are not found anywhere else and exclusive to KMD only. I will also be allowing you the customer to be part of the deciding factor by helping me decide what upcoming colors you would like to have.

4. Hoping if all goes well to eventually have wholesale rates to those that want to have these as a setup for your handmade binding needs either for resale or any mass quantity need.

Overall, my main goal is to provide quality lasting beautiful metal discs with varieties unique to KM Designs and set up so you can easily mix and match colors and end up with a wide assortment of arc binding discs to fulfill all your binding needs.

Please if you are new to what Binding Discs are all about, check out these YouTube videos below here, for you to get to know the system better. As for me, I have found since discovering and absolutely falling in love with this system that this is literally the best most flexible and functional of all binding systems out there.

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  1. Miki 1 year ago

    I got those awesome discs few days ago! Really beautiful and useful! Thankyou!!

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