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DIY Large Yarn Crocheting Inspired Ideas | Plan To Love This Life

DIY Large Yarn Crocheting Inspired Ideas

DIY Large Yarn Crocheting Inspired Ideas
January 6, 2018 Katie
In Get Crafty

If you’re like me, you’ve discovered pictures of the large yarn chuncky blankets that are often knitted or crocheted by using your own arms. Being I love all things Fluffy…I’m completely obsessed! So here I’ve decided to compile a list of BIG YARN projects I’d like to get my hands on as soon as I’m able to find some time and some ridiculously large chuncky yarn.

In the mean time you can be dreaming along with me about what it would be to make one of these big yarn inspired crafts….


Of course a knitted blanket in front of a warm fire!

I love a big, chunky knit blanket. Illustrated instructions (with video) to diy a tasseled thick, cozy and chunky knit blanket...a simple one day project.




Then a stocking….I wanted one of these like yesterday of course!


Plump & Co X Tina Rubie chunky yarn Christmas sack, knitted using our plumptious ethically-sourced New Zealand merino wool. Australian Designed big knitting Santa Sack for arm knitting or XXL knitting New Zealand.

The Forever Farm House X Plump & Co | Christmas sack



Here I see there is a line of big yarn at Michael’s….look at who is making a run to their nearest Michael’s as soon as I get all moved in to the new house. That would be ME!!!!

How to Make an Arm Knit Blanket in Less Than an Hour

How to Make an Arm Knit Blanket in Less Than an Hour (Video)



There’s this stinkin way too cute bunny! Someone make me one right now…it’s for my baby…(me)

This is adorable! I want one for me!!!




While we’re at it…I need me a mermaid tail….





I guess you can always cheat the big yarn look by using multi strands of thicker yarn.

Arm Knitting How-To Photo Tutorial // Part 1: Casting On



A Crochet version of a blanket…love this color too.

Chunky Hand Crochet Throw Pattern




I also love this checkerboard pattern one and who doesn’t droll over grey…

Chunky Basketweave Blanket Pattern

Chunky Basketweave Blanket Pattern



A Puff!


Here’s a whole mass list of other knitted examples of this puff!

DIY Knitted Poufs For a Unique Accent to Your Dream Home



Rug! Although I am not sure how well it would hold up in my house…



Another source of a DIY Chunky Yarn rug:

How to Crochet a Giant Circular Rug – No-Sew!



Chunky Baskets….

Arm Knit Basket Pattern by Anne Weil of Flax & Twine

Arm Knit Basket Pattern Featured in Taproot



Ahhh this pillow and that crochet hook!!!





If I do ever get that chance to get to making one of these…I’ll be posting and reporting back here on how it turns out and sharing it with you all. As most of you that follow me know that I’m in the middle of moving so projects like this is on the back burner…although the thought of making a nice warm comfy blanket during the winter months and days of negative digit weather sounds quite dreamy.

Please share with me if you’ve tried any of these type of Big Yarn Projects. Would love to see how yours turned out.

Much Love and Inspiration.

Katie 😉


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