Newest Obsession Apparel Design

Newest Obsession Apparel Design
May 31, 2018 Katie
In Get Crafty, What's New

Recently, My hubby and I have aquired a new business…a motosports track. Now as crazy as it may seem for us to take on this newest venture…being that we’ve never been involved in any kind of motocross sport prior to this point in time…to us it made perfect sense knowing how we know business. When running a business to be profitable there is a universal language that is implimented no matter what kind of industry you go into. Here we saw the potiential and decided to step in. So with that being said, I’m taking my marketing skills to work and right now stepping into coming up with the marketing product line.

In doing so…I’ve gotten the opportunity to stretch my crafting knowledge and branch into some apparel design and creation options. After years of running, I finally got myself familar to learn HTV (heat transfer vinyl). In addition to this have also in the past day or two converted my Artisan 1430 Epson inkjet printer to be a sublimation printer. As well as gotten startup equipment for screenprinting. All in which will be utilized to create the starting of our business apparel for the track.

I’ll be happy to share with those that are interested more as I learn all 3 areas of these apparel making processes. Which you’ll find here as time progresses. I’ve already learned so much in all areas.

Any one of these could be used individually to be profitable and all started out with not a lot of overhead costs. I would have to say screen printing is by far the most in costs but if done right still reasonable but not recommended for orders less than 40-50 pieces at a time also is by far the biggest learning curve! I’m grateful that I have someone implemented to take this portion on when everything is in place that has several years under their belt.

Beyond this added business, I’ve also started a local online directory service for local business of where I live. All of the above is keeping me quite busy to say the least which is why this year my online outlets have remained pretty quiet for the most part. So I appologize for the lack of posts done this year. I hope those that have been following me can understand. I do look forward to sharing you my new ventures in crafting. Not to worry becuase of these new skills will  surely overlap with everything else that I have going on with my designs. I am excited to see what I’ll be coming up with for local designs and well as designs for shirts as I come up with them. Of course will be happy to share ones that are for free as I can.

In the meantime feel free to shoot me an email with questions you may have in starting up in any of these skilled set areas…if I don’t know the answer I for sure will figure out where to direct you in the right directions. I’ve researched so much and have been enlighted on so much! There are in incredible amount of options out there!!!

Hope this find all doing well!

Health and Blessings!




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