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Download and Print Your Own Loose Leaf Journaling Bible | Plan To Love This Life

Download and Print Your Own Loose Leaf Journaling Bible

Download and Print Your Own Loose Leaf Journaling Bible
June 29, 2017 Katie
In Bible Journaling, DIY

I came across bible journaling about 2 years ago now. I remember as I came across these colorful and artistic illustrated pages immediately thinking, “wow now that is something I would love to try.” I had never seen anything like it before. Sure there were ones where I had seen nice and tasteful taken notes jotted to the sides or margins of bibles but nothing that provoked anything colorful, artistic or even inspiring. My artistic side found it absolutely fantastic and I found myself wanting to dive into this world or community of bible journaling. However I had a conflicting side, being that I grew up respecting the bible by keeping it in pristine condition. So I decided to order my first journaling bible and there it sat for 3 weeks as I contemplated how to over come my overwelming feeling of not wanting to mess up the pages of my bible in any way. Now keep in mind…art is kind of my thing…I’ve been doing art since I could pick up a brush or crayon. So it was baffling that I lacked confidence here.

As it would have it…I took my first jab at it and instantly fell in love. Baby steps…first all done lightly in pencil and then filled in with watercolors or markers and sharpies. I found that it was a perfect add on to my daily devotional time. It was a time for me to read out and study the scripture but then mediate on them as I would rewrite them artistically highlighting what spoke to me the most at that particular time.

It wasn’t until recently that I discovered a link that allowed you to be able to print out your own version of the bible. It’s something I had been pondering for a while now especially with the idea of using my binding discs to add what I feel the perfect functionality to bible journaling. Here I felt this would only boast my desire to step outside my comfort zone of bible journaling. Which up until now had only been staying within the blank margins of the bible.

This setup is so new that I haven’t even had the chance to work on any pages but have only had the time to print out and put together, however I’m anxious to be able to get started on this new version of devotional/journaling time with my scriptures. I’m sure to be sharing pages as I have the time to work on some.

However even with how awesome this setup is there are some drawbacks. The biggest issue with going with a letter size bible is well one the Size alone…it’s a HUGE Bible! It’s not one for you to want to tote around or use for church services and morning worship time but I figured most people probably aren’t utilizing their journaling bibles for these times. Then there’s the amount of pages…it’s almost an entire ream of paper…it’s 408 pages! That’s a LOT of pages. So for me the best option was to break the bible into two binding books…Old Testament using my 1.5″ metal discs and then the New Testament using my .75″ discs.

Now here is what I LOVE about this entire thing….I love that I can additional notepages if I’d like…I love I can feel confident in what I end up doing to my pages and ultimately reprint pages if I mess up too much…I love that I’m able to physically take out the pages to work on them individually and then pop them back in when I’m done. I love that the pages are a substantial thickness and don’t feel like I’m working with a tissue paper. Like I said I’m so excited about this new combo and look forward to sharing with you all what I come up with.

There was an idea that I would be offering the service of printing this out for people but being that there are SO many pages and the bulkiness of this option I’m deciding it’s not a service that would be ideal for me to provide. However, I’m happy to share with you the links where you can print yours out for free. It’s a pdf version so it would be nothing to be able to take it to Staples or any print company for that matter to have them do up for you on whatever paper that you have a prefernce of. I do suggest that you keep it under 28lb as anything more would add a substantial thickness and weight to the overal bible.

With that being said…you would even be able to choose the type of binding system that you’d like. I of course think my metal binding discs make an ideal system for this kind of set up but there maybe those that would prefer a 3 ring bound notebook. It’s all about your own preference but this is definitely a setup to be shared for those that maybe new to bible journaling or for those that are simply interested in a different option of being able to study your bible.

Here are the links that I used to download this version of bible. However there are other version and options out there which I will link below here.

Pure Cambridge Edition (PCE) of the King James Bible
http://www.biblicalscholarship.net/AV.htm   (I used the Pure Cambridge Edition 8Pt font Version at 85% Print Scale)


NIV 1984 Bible (PDF)

The King James Version PDF

Then for those that would like a printed loose leaf bible to purchase you can find one here (I am in no way affliated with any of these bible links and only sharing as a source of reference to):





Disc Binding Option:

Now for those that maybe interested in this binding option of your own printed bible please visit my Moore Than Paper website. You can find my 1.5″ and .75″ discs here.

As some of you know…I will be coming out with my Devotional Book series and feel this would make a great companion to this for when I do. More on this soon! Make sure to follow me on my Social Media to know as these options come available to you.

You can even find Free Bible Tabs! Click Here.

Until then next time…Be Blessed and have a Wonderful Day!

Katie 🙂

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