Anticipation Planned

Anticipation Planned
August 7, 2015 Katie

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten myself on track and organized using an everyday planner…years in infact. I used to be really good about it…writing out my lists of to dos for the week and month…but somehow when my life changed to be family orientated my planning life got away from me. Even though it would seem running a small business from home and busy family life it would seem organization would be a priority.

However, with a new businesses breathing new life into me I’m suddenly seeing my chaos of lists and notebooks and folders in multiple places not working for me…I need the structure of a daily planner. Back in the days of retail it was minatory for sales people to have a daily planner many moons ago. We actually took courses and back then it was Franklin Covey that ruled. Today though it’s a whole entire new world of designer planners and accessories. There weren’t stickers and this idea to make your daily and weekly tasks…pretty, glamorous or eye pleasing. Although I’m not sure why it took until most recent years for this idea to take off.

I have to say how glad I am to have stumbled across this new world of planners. It’s every bit of the word addicting and appealing for the creative heart as mine. Even with my app for everything life I still have this tangeble need of wanting to write down and feel on paper lists and plans and ideas. There’s something an digital app could never accomplish or take the place of. The same for those that need the feel of a book and pages to turn. No electronic device will ever take that place.

With that being said…this new society has greatly INSPIRED me to go a new direction with my create talents. As this new idea of planning has breathed new life to this planner girl I’m excited to see what I come up with for the up coming year.


Who knew planning could look so inciting and fun! To be honest I find it a bit overwhelming all the ways you can beautify your planning needs. I did a lot of research before jumping into purchasing my new planner. I had greatly considered Erin Condren but something about the Happy Planner appealed to me knowing I could easily take out and add pages. I looked at a dozen other options but it came down to…Happy Planner…as I saw one for sale for only 24.00 on Amazon and I was instantly sold especially after reading some of the reviews.


So with that I’ve now been perfecting my creation process of sticker making. I think I finally have a handle on it. I have the right materials and right process and setup. My cuts are pretty precise. However, I am a perfectionist so this will be a long road before I get anything up to sell to my standards. I do look forward to creating new designs as time progresses and when my mommy life allows me to.


So my newest adventure begins. As I and develop my sticker making craft I have big plan for this space. Sharing sticker design creations and all sort of accessories for the everyday planner. Can’t wait to be also sharing my planner pages as well as inspiration that I come across along the way. I will hopefully be soon enough creating beautifully made original sticker themes and accessories soon enough. Stay Inspired!


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