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Who Doesn’t Want to Own a Vintage Camper?! | Plan To Love This Life

Who Doesn’t Want to Own a Vintage Camper?!

Who Doesn’t Want to Own a Vintage Camper?!
June 28, 2017 Katie
In What's New

Especially one that will hold a mobile Stationary Shop? Well that’s a bit of what I’m dreaming up and have been for a while. So when I came across this cute vintage sea-foam colored camper…I couldn’t pass her up. And Guess What? She’s ALL MINE.

She is currently in my possession waiting to get an overhaul that is bound to happen in the course of the next few months. However, there are lots of moving parts going on right now that I have in the background, that I promise to be sharing with you all just as soon as I possibly can. So in the mean time, this sweet girl will have to take a backseat in the midst of everything else going one. Let me tell you…there are some BIG MOVING PARTS and I’m excited to be sharing with everyone!

I can’t tell you how happy this camper makes me being I had an old vintage trailer years ago…but as life would have it…it wasn’t my time to have one so here I am over 6 years later still dreaming of a trailer such as this to try try again.

I feel this is a bit early to share her but I simply couldn’t help myself…can you blame me! She’s too wonderful not to share. I’ll of course be giving you more sneak peek updates as she is being worked on down the way.

So another question maybe coming to mind the confusion as to why I would be sharing this lovely secret on my old site and not my Moore Than Paper site. Well I’m going to do my best to manage both as I have several outlets I’m working on all at once. I’m honestly not trying to confuse anyone here. I’ve been sitting on this idea for a while now but finally decided all my businesses will be ran through this portal site and worked up as a site to hold them all together.

Yes, I have a Vinyl/Cutting Machine Website and group and yes I have a line of Stationary that I’m perfecting and yes I have a vintage restore website that my Husband’s work can be seen on and yes there are other businesses that are in working state and will be ready to be launched down the way. You’ll see more as time progresses.

Whew. Busy much….Always. 🙂 That’s all I have for you for the moment but know there’s ALWAYS “moore” to come!

Have a Blessed Day!


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