New Custom Planner In the Works

New Custom Planner In the Works
March 4, 2017 Katie

It’s taken me quite some time to get this far to find planner peace with my new custom planner designed layout and setup. I’ve always loved my happy planner but ultimately it fell short in some areas that I find where important for my everyday use. With time I have been able to upgrade the areas that I was most unhappy with.

First and foremost were the planner discs. As much as I loved the flexibility and function of these discs, which allowed you to be able to remove, add or rearrange pages with ease, I was not a fan of the plastic nor the color of the original gold discs, even with the cute centered heart cutout. I wanted a subtle soft color but yet something to give a sleek and sophisticated look along with durability. I ended up spending a lot of time researching who and where but ultimately decided to come up with my own line of aluminum discs that I’m extremely pleased with.

I’ve also discovered along with several very happy customers that pages now glide like butter with the new metal discs compared to plastic ones that often cause pages to not move with ease and sometimes will get hung up.

To make turning pages even better I’ve also upgraded my disc punch to the Levenger size disc bound hole punch. All pages including the cover glide without any hesitation or sticking.

I also recently decided I wanted to create a folder insert being that the Happy Planner lacks any form of folder or dashboard with theirs without having to purchase it separately. This cute laminated folder has a double pocket and is a perfect combo to hold sticker sheets as well as being used as a dashboard to hold extra post-it notes because of it being laminated.

Then there are of course the inserts… I could never quite be happy with the layouts of the Happy Planner or Erin Condren for that matter…horizontal or vertical…it simply didn’t matter. I couldn’t get the function that I wanted out of my weekly spreads. I’ve finally designed ones that fit my needs by placing in my own style and design to them. I’m finding many other people really love the look and layout to these setups that I’ve shared.

The tabs as well I’ve found didn’t have the flare I wanted so Gold Foiled laminated tabs they are…and can be added to any card stock cut to size to then be laminated or left alone. However, I will soon be designing my own sets of monthly dividers to provide yet another option to this planner.

First official planner made up by request for a friend. Champagne gold rings, 10ml laminated cover, gold foil tabs and folder insert.

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With that…I’ve also designed several of my own custom covers to add my own personal touch and look to these planners. My whole idea wasn’t to just create my own planner peace but create a planner that had versatility and flexibility to fit the needs of any planner. With the idea that each month or week could potitially be a completely different layout if wanted…I will have several options of the weekly layout to give planners the ability to play around to get a feel of what suits them the best.

Currently creating these planners are a labor of love…I’m simply not set up to sell in large quantities as of right now…but I am working to towards that goal. Hopefully, by 2018 you’ll be seeing these available and ready to ship worldwide!

For now though, I will be breaking down the parts of the planner to make them available to you in digital form. This way you have the option to be able to make your own. My discs of course, are available for sale to upgrade any arc disc planner system whether it be new or old.

I will have very soon all the files uploaded to this site to be able to make your own..from the cover…to the inserts to even the pattern to make your own folder and a video on how to do so.

I’m looking forward to sharing my future designs and variations of my ever seeking perfected planner. I hope this option could possibly the planner peace that many are seeking!

Have the most lovely day!

Be Bless All!


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