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Disc Binding Systems

Disc Binding Systems
January 13, 2017 Katie
In Planners & Accessories, What's New

Oh how I love Disc Binding Systems. So much so I’ve started to convert everything to be a discbound system…I want to show you why I find it to be the best over notebooks, ring binders, stitched or any coiled system. There is so much ease and flexibility when it comes to using these discs. The obvious issue with anything coils is that you are limited to not being able to move or swap out any of your pages. I would have to say this is the number one reason I enjoy this system so much. I can move tabs, folders or pages around withing a notebook without having to pop open a binder…either take out sections or close rings to then move sections out to replace pages to another location. It’s not as convenient as pulling them out and sticking them back in wherever it is that you want them.

Starting out my planning addiction with a Happy Planner (HP) I started using the arc disc for the first time ever. From there I’ve expanded a bit and use them to create notebooks for devotions, lettering practice, a sticker book, recipe book, training material books…basically anything one would want to have in a folder or binder I now use my arc punch and purchased arc discs. Below I’ll go over the limited but ever growing options of the arc discs.

BTW…in the featured image above…my discs are shown with the Happy Planner Recipe add-on inserts. I picked mine up at Hobby Lobby for 40% off $6.99. How can you say no to that!

So far the only planners I know of that are created with this system is of course as I mentioned the Mambi Happy Planner and also a Dokibook Brand called Discagenda Diva and then there is the Martha Steward collection.
***I have to state that since I originally posted this I have found there are other overseas brands but are not known here to the states.



Both of these brands also gives you the availability to purchase the rings separately if you want extras for your own creations such as what I do for my own items. Note that the HP versions are plastic and the Dokibook are considerably more because they are aluminum and very nice.

************************** UPDATE ***************************

I have to say since originally posting this last Fall I have come-a-long ways in the Disc Binding world. So much that I have decided to create my OWN METAL DISC BINDING LINE! I’m excited as my first batch is to be arriving here by the end of next week! I will hopefully have these up for sale and available by the end of this month. I have so many big plans for 2017. They will for now be available in 1″ and 1/2″ sizes. Great for planner size and notebook size. I’ve started designing some really great planner layouts that are getting me closer to my planner peace. I’m also in the works of creating a devotional series using these discs. As I said I’m beyond myself as to the ideas that I have for this site that started out 2 years ago with my discovery of the Planner Community. It’s gone from the idea of wanting to possibly create planner stickers to having my own line of binding discs!

I look forward to sharing with you all that I have filled in my mind full of ideas of what to create and share with the rest of you.

Be blessed for the upcoming year!

Much Love,

Katie 🙂

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