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  • Jan272017

    Why Aluminum Arc Binding Discs?

    I know many of you are already anxiously awaiting my new line of aluminum binding…

    Plan To Love This Life
  • Jan242017

    DIY Washi Storage and Ideas

    As I’m looking up ideas for how I’m going to package my aluminum arc discs…

    Plan To Love This Life
  • Jan162017

    What’s to come…

    It’s a Cold Rainy Icy Martin Luther King Jr. Day here and… I’ve been meaning…

    Plan To Love This Life
  • Jan132017

    Disc Binding Systems

    Oh how I love Disc Binding Systems. So much so I’ve started to convert everything…

    Plan To Love This Life
  • Nov072016

    Great Freebie Tabs!

    Over the weekend I decided to splurge and buy a new laminator and the levenger…

    Plan To Love This Life

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